Wedding photography.
My favorite field of photography.
So many fields included in one.

Fine art photography, check.
Photojournalism, check.
Landscape photography, check.
Portrait and group portrait photography, check.
Family photography, check.
Food photography, check.
Street photography, check.
Paparazzi photography, check.

I just love the combination of them all on one single day.
And the cherry on top of that is the fact that on a wedding day, lots of feelings are present in every of these categories.
On a wedding day, people’s emotions are like a thousand times more intense than what they usually are.

It was the case at Helge and Jasper’s wedding.
Oh yeah, it was the case.
First time that I cried at the wedding ceremony of people-I-didn’t-know-a-few-hours-earlier.

For this, and also the rest, I want to thank here my dear friend Meral Soydas (check out her website here), whom with I shot J&H’s wedding.

(Funny fact by the way: Meral and I both used to live a few meters away from this awesome venue, the Money Museum in Utrecht).


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