Sometimes, couples are not in their 20s when they marry.
Yes sometimes, they are in their 30s, and they have kids already.

But it doesn’t matter.
As soon as love is the cement, it’s just wonderful.

This is the story of Martina and Nick’s wedding.
A story I was grateful to photograph with my friend Meral Soydas.


In addition to nice people and such a relaxed atmosphere as the one that was present on this superb summer day, it’s really a pleasure to photograph weddings at beautiful places.

But what is a beautiful place, actually ?

To me, the most beautiful places are the ones where some nature is closeby.

What do you think ? What are the most beautiful locations to get married to you ? Let me know in the comments !

Meral Soydas’ website.
Location: Paviljoen Twiske
Wedding “Car”: My Tuk
Bouncy castle: de Verhuur Compagnie

Are you also planning to marry ?

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